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Welcome to the Communication department. Opportunities abound.

For our undergraduates, we have an active internship program and a mentoring program (that connects selected students with working professionals in the fields of public relations, organizational communication, television and film). Our best students can join Lambda Pi Eta, a Communication Honors Society. Students work with actual clients in a number of our advanced courses, producing web and video/film content, designing brochures and planning events. Our two new undergraduate degrees, in Media Studies and Strategic Communication, combine theory, research, social media, new technologies and applied field experience to prepare our students to be 21st century citizens. Our graduate M.S. in Communication program is also a strong mixture of theory, research and application, as we prepare our graduates for professional careers in public relations and organizational communication.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain and differentiate the main theories of mediated communication
  2. Apply theoretical constructs in the field of media studies to real-world situations
  3. Design and produce effective multi-mediated messages
  4. Construct effective spoken and written messages
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate research methods
  6. Deconstruct and critically evaluate messages
  7. Cultivate an appreciation for aesthetics and artistry in media production and content.