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Dr. Ju Yanan


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Dr. Yanan Ju is Professor of Communication at Central Connecticut State University. He taught, in the mid and late 1980s, at Fudan University’s prestigious School of Journalism and was Director of its International Journalism Program. Before he made CCSU his permanent home, Ju taught, for brief periods, at the University of Connecticut and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Ju has authored and coauthored over a dozen books, in English or Chinese, in a variety of areas including cultural studies, sociology of art, communications, relationships, public relations, and high-speed management. In early 2006 he published a 420-page novel Land of Bailan (in Chinese), the first novel he has ever written and published.

Ju writes in both English and Chinese. His writing style is one of simplicity and lucidity, which, among other factors, has made some of his books the best sellers in the competitive Chinese book market. His seminal book on public relations (in Chinese), for example, has sold over a million copies. The English version of his Land of Bailan is a new literary testimony to the beauty and esthetic value of the same style.